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Avoid mid contract price rises on your mobile contract with Tesco Mobile

With a new season in the air, there’s no better time to give your mobile a refresh and invest in a new device or sim card with the award winning network.

Voted Network of the Year as well as Best Customer Service by Uswitch this year, Tesco Mobile provides a range of offers to suit a variety of customer needs, from pay as you go phones and monthly contracts to business deals.

They are also one of the only mobile providers offering no EU roaming fees until 2025, so you can venture to 48 destinations in Europe and beyond this year without worrying about data charges.

Tesco Mobile is used by more than 5 million customers to date, powered by O2 and offers access to 4G and 5G in many different towns and cities across the UK.

Tesco Clubcard deals

Tesco is known for providing offers to supermarket shoppers with its Clubcard Prices and these extend to its range of mobile services too.

If anyone with a takes out a pay monthly device or sim-only contract using their Clubcard, the basic monthly usage price will be frozen for the duration of the contract. This means no unexpected price increases halfway through your contract. Connecting your Clubcard to your phone bill also means you can unlock other potential savings, Clubcard points and rewards alongside your weekly grocery shop.

Visit Tesco Mobile’s special offers to discover more about some of the savings you can make and the latest tech products up for grabs this spring.

Here are some of the deals available from now until 19th May:

The latest device in Apple’s iPhone series, the iPhone 15 with 6GB of data is available from £32.99 a month with a Clubcard. Made of titanium and available in four different colours, the iPhone 15 also features the longest optical zoom on an iPhone to date while the handset also comes with a customisable action button to make it easier for users to access their favourite or most-used features.

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The S24 Ultra is available for a Clubcard Price of £49.99 a month with 12GB of data.

Along with having an improved battery life and being water and dust resistant, the new Samsung device is also powered with AI. This enables users to search within apps rather than having to navigate to their internet browser (Circle and Search) and translate messages instantly into their native language (Live Translate). Note Assist also supports users with administrative tasks, turning any lengthy written text into neatly formatted summaries.

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If you are only looking for a Sim rather than a mobile device, then Tesco Mobile has a range of different deals, including this 60 GB Sim only offer for £13 a month with Clubcard Prices.

This 24-month SIM contract also includes with unlimited texts and minutes, works on 4G and 5G and comes with no EU roaming fees until 2025. There are also other Sim card deals available from Tesco Mobile including those for unlimited data and 30GB.

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The Google Pixel 7a comes in at only £21.99 a month with Clubcard Prices and features an adaptive battery life of over 24 hours and both dual-rear and front-facing camera, ideal for taking sharp family snaps or selfies.

Its Google One VPN helps keep your online activity secure in any app or web browser, and audio quality is also enhanced by the filtering of any background noise so voices on calls can be heard clearer.

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Stay connected with Tesco Mobile, the network that won’t raise prices mid-contract.

Tesco Mobile deals are available now. Visit Tesco Mobile to find out more.

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