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"Community Development" Abu Dhabi launches an initiative "Medium"

● The “Madeem” initiative is inspired by the values ​​of the authentic past in order to build a bright future for future generations.

ABU DHABI, 18 APRIL / WAM / The Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi launched the “Madeem” initiative, which aims to encourage young citizens in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to be inspired by the authentic Emirati values ​​​​that are characterized by moderation and modesty in wedding practices, by inviting them to think wisely when planning everything. It relates to their future married life, including marriage preparations and other matters related to preparing for marriage.
The “Madeem” initiative is designed to provide guidance and advice to citizens of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to contribute to establishing marriages in the emirate on solid foundations, which contribute to their sustainability and result in the formation of stable, happy families, and contribute effectively to building a strong and cohesive society.
The initiative, which supports the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Family Quality of Life, aims to build stable and happy families that possess the necessary knowledge and skills, through packages of services targeting young people, those about to get married, newly married couples, families and parents, and those in charge of industries related to parties. wedding.

The initiative focuses its efforts on encouraging young people, starting from the journey of marriage, to forming a stable family through a group of targeted programs.

The initiative includes the “Madeem Family Preparation Center”, which will provide, upon its opening in the second quarter of this year, a package of integrated services for those about to get married, newlyweds, and families, in innovative ways by a group of experts and specialists in wedding planning, specialists and mentors. Family members, qualified in the fields of marital relations and family and psychological counseling.

The Medem Family Preparation Center also offers a package of “advantages and benefits”, in cooperation with more than 25 partners from the government and private sectors, which includes exclusive and exceptional offers and benefits for those affiliated with the program to qualify those about to get married.

The Medem Center for Family Preparation will also care for newlyweds and parents, by providing consultations and various educational programs that will contribute to the upbringing and upbringing of children at their different age stages.

To encourage the holding of modern weddings, the “Madeem Model for Women’s Weddings” was designed, which was designed to guide the wedding sector on how to adopt a modern and inspiring model of women’s weddings, in a way that contributes to reducing the cost of these parties for the citizens of the emirate.

The model aims to enable young citizens about to get married to hold several wedding parties on successive days in the same hall and with the same high-level equipment, while giving each participating couple the opportunity to choose some décor elements that will give their party a distinctive personal touch, and then the total cost of the party will be distributed among the parties. All participants, which will reduce the cost of weddings in line with achieving the initiative’s goals of facilitating marriage for young people.

In order to provide services to those about to get married, the Meadeem electronic platform was designed, which includes many different services and guidelines that aim to help people about to get married, not only in establishing their joint marital life in the correct manner, but also for integrated planning for the formation of cohesive families and the birth of good children who contribute to building Their community and its development.

Her Excellency Dr. Laila Al Hayas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at the Department of Community Development, confirmed that the “Madeem” initiative is one of the most important initiatives launched in order to achieve the goals of sustainable social development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

She said that it aims to support the building of stable families based on sound and solid foundations, away from the current exaggeration and exaggeration of the costs of marriage, which have become burdensome on families and young people in recent years, and thus affect the stability and cohesion of Emirati society.

Al Hayas added, “Launching the ‘Madeem’ initiative contributes to preserving the traditions of authentic Emirati weddings, and shows how proud we are of them and our ancient heritage in celebrating the essence of marriage, not its appearance, and in showing generous hospitality and welcoming guests without extravagance or wasting our precious resources.”

She pointed out that there are a number of important projects that fall under the “Madeem” initiative, including the Medem Center for Family Preparation, which is considered the main stop on the journey of people about to get married.

She continued, “The Medem Center for Family Preparation will provide a package of integrated services that consolidate the role of youth in society, in an effort to encourage them to form families, which play an important role in the establishment and renaissance of stable and prosperous societies.”

Al-Hayas stressed that the Department of Community Development and the partners of the “Madeem” initiative seek to urge and motivate people about to get married to act in a manner characterized by moderation, humility and wisdom in every step they take, and to think about every decision they make in this regard, especially with regard to wedding preparations. And related practices, as studies have shown that one in three couples spent money in excess of the budget they set for their wedding, which may negatively affect their family’s future, happiness, and stability.

– “Medim” is a concept that reflects the originality of Emirati society.
The “Madeem” initiative is one of the Abu Dhabi government’s initiatives that celebrates moderation, moderation, and the authentic inherited values ​​rooted among the people of Emirati society in all practices related to marriage and establishing a stable family, such as marriage preparations and arrangements, wedding celebrations, preparing the marital home, and other matters related to this important journey.

The word meadeem was derived from the words always, always, and always, which means permanence and continuity, and is frequently repeated on the tongues of the people of the country during happy occasions, through a good and authentic supplication in the dialect of the people of the Emirates, which is the prayer “May he be blessed and blessed,” which combines praying for others to continue to be happy, And the arrival of blessing in their lives, which is one of the most important things that the new couple needs to start their future married life.

The “Madeem” initiative was launched in line with the immortal values ​​and wise vision enjoyed by the late founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, which encourages people about to get married to make wise decisions, revive the values ​​of moderation and moderation in their wedding celebrations, and avoid It is based on common modern trends.

The “Madeem” initiative was also inspired by the words of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, which are characterized by depth and wisdom, in which he said: “Since the beginning of national action, we have given special attention to creating an appropriate climate for the family’s living stability, as it is the basic nucleus of society.” And the state.”

Through the initiative, people about to get married will receive guidance and guidance on how to properly establish their marriage, while families will be empowered by giving them special training that will help them manage their financial affairs efficiently, practice positive parenting methods with their children, and how to maintain the continuity of marriage and achieve harmony. Between spouses throughout their married life.

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