Abu Mazen: The United States’ use of the veto is disappointing and a blatant aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, “Abu Mazen,” said today, Saturday, that the United States of America’s vote in the UN Security Council to use its “veto” is a disappointing, unfortunate, shameful, irresponsible, and unjustified position.

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Abu Mazen explained – in an interview with the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA), that using the “veto” It constitutes a blatant aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people, their history, their land, and their sanctities, and a challenge to the will of the international community.


He added: “While the world unites to implement international law and stand by In addition to the Palestinian right, America continues to support the occupation, and still refuses to oblige Israel to stop the war of genocide, and even provides it with weapons and money with which it kills our children, demolishes our homes, and stands against us in international forums in positions that do not serve security and stability in the region and the world."


He continued: “The United States has violated all international laws, and has broken all the promises it talks about regarding the two-state solution and achieving peace in the region.” 


Abu Mazen pointed out that the current American administration not only reneged on its promises and commitments, but also allowed Israel to weaken the Palestinian National Authority, through its silence about its theft of the Palestinian people’s money, despite its repeated claims that it wants to strengthen the authority and strengthen Its existence. 


Abbas explained that work was being done with the Arab group and many European countries to create a climate that would lead to stopping the war and finding a common vision that would end instability and tension. However, the American position was nothing but disdain and rejection of every vision that does not suit Israel, and the wrong American policy. 


Abu Mazen stressed the need for the United States to realize that the Middle East will not be stable. Without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, and that Jerusalem, with its Islamic and Christian sanctities, are red lines that no one will be allowed to cross, and the policy of double standards and supporting Israel in its aggression against the Palestinian people will not create a reality that the Palestinian people are not satisfied with, and will not bring security and peace to anyone.


He stressed that the American administration must review its wrong policies, as the Palestinian cause cannot be broken, liquidated, or subjugated, and that the sacrifices of the people of Palestine over the past hundred years, in which tens of thousands of martyrs and thousands of heroic prisoners were sacrificed, will be prevented. Abolition of national identity, and national constants will not be affected.


He explained that the administration’s hostile positions have created unprecedented anger among the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region, which could push the region towards greater disengagement. stability, and the promotion of chaos and terrorism, warning that the ongoing war of annihilation against the Palestinian people, in conjunction with a frenzied campaign against UNRWA Aiming to starve the Palestinian people will push the region to the brink of abyss.


He added: “We are on the verge of a new and difficult phase, and we have multiple options to preserve our rights and preserve our identity, and it will put The Palestinian leadership is a new strategy to protect the independent Palestinian national decision, and to move according to a Palestinian agenda and not according to an American vision or regional agendas. We will not remain hostage to these policies that have proven to fail and have been exposed to the whole world.


The Palestinian President added, saying: “The Palestinian leadership will reconsider bilateral relations with the United States, in a way that ensures the protection of the interests of our people, our cause and our rights.”


He stressed Abu Mazen stressed that the sacrifices of the Palestinian people, their patience, their steadfastness on their land, and their unbreakable will will fail all occupation policies supported by the heart of America, and will not allow for deals that do not serve the highest national interest, and most conspiracies will fall, and they will all fade away in the face of the truth and power of Jerusalem. And the weight of its historical, religious and heritage presence, as Jerusalem with its sanctities is greater than them all.


He warned that the entire region is in turmoil without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, according to Palestinian, Arab and international concepts, blaming The American administration is fully responsible for the deterioration of the situation in the region, while it is the price of the positions of all countries of the world that support and recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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