English wines set to replace French and Australian wines, scientists say

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


Cambridge: Experts have found that wine produced as far north as Scotland will threaten the future of traditional grape-growing regions.

A new global map created by scientists in the French wine provinces of Bordeaux and Burgundy predicts that wine production will be forced to shift from the traditional terroir of southern Europe to the northernmost reaches of Britain.

Workers pick grapes at a vineyard in Maidstone, UK.Credit: Bloomberg

Changes in global temperatures will make mid-latitude regions, such as southern France, northern Spain and Italy, and New World vineyards in southern California and the Barossa in Australia, unsuitable for production.

Areas previously considered too cold and wet for viticulture, such as northern Britain, southern Scandinavia and the Pacific Northwest of the United States, will be the winemaking “winners,” according to the study.

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