US aid to Ukraine: "For Americans, it is about their role in world history"reacts a political scientist

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


“It’s American support for democracies around the world.”, reacts on franceinfo the political scientist and historian specializing in the United States, Nicole Bacharan, while the American House of Representatives voted on Saturday April 20 for a much-anticipated envelope of 61 billion dollars to come to the aid of Ukraine. The aid had been blocked in Congress for several months by the Republicans.

“For Americans, it’s about their role in world history”adds Nicole Bacharan. “All of a sudden, many elected officials said to themselves ‘we can’t continue to play little political games’”but “reflect on the historical, geopolitical significance on the future of American democracy and support for democracies around the world”. After months of procrastination, the Republican leader of the House, Mike Johnson, ended up supporting the package for Ukraine.

“Help will arrive very quicklyadds the political scientist. Shells, ammunition, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft defense missiles will arrive.” Above all, “there is this clarification among the American political class, supported by a majority of public opinion, that America is not abandoning democracies and has understood that Russia is a threat to Europe and the rest of the world”analyzes Nicole Bacharan. “This is very bad news for Putin“, And “immediately, it’s rather favorable to Joe Biden”she concludes.

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