Urgent.. A verbal exchange between Trump and Biden on the sidelines of the electoral battle

Donald Trump launched a new attack with obscene words on Joe Biden while delivering a speech on Saturday at the annual conference of the National Rifle Association in an attempt to rally support for his presidential campaign, while the current president warned in the swing and crucial state of Georgia that his “troubled” Republican rival It constitutes a threat to American democracy.

Trump’s trial sessions before a New York court in a criminal case were suspended for a week, and he took advantage of this opportunity to deliver a speech on Saturday before the National Rifle Association (NRA). In the city of Dallas, Texas.

In his speech in front of thousands of members of the association, Trump said that Biden “is the worst president in the history of our country,” describing the Democrat as a man “full of bullshit.” He added, “You’re fired, get out of here, Joe!”, sparking laughter from the audience and warning them that Biden wants to deprive them of their firearms.

Trump told the crowd that Biden is a “fraud,” describing him as “a fraud.” A threat to democracy.

For his part, Biden arrived on Saturday in Georgia, which is one of the swing states that he won during the 2020 elections. There, on Saturday, he will seek to rally the support of black Americans, and he is scheduled to deliver a speech at the well-known Morehouse University College. Historically, it is an institution for blacks.

Biden responded on Saturday to Trump’s statements, saying, “My opponent is not a good loser.” But he is a loser,” adding to a number of his supporters, “Our democracy is truly at stake.”

Biden continued, “He is not only obsessed with losing in 2020.” “He was clearly disturbed,” adding that something had “happened.” For Trump after those elections.

He added, “Trump is not running to lead America. He’s running for revenge. We cannot allow this man to become president. Our children’s future is at stake… We have to win this race, not for me, but for America.

The National Rifle Association has great political influence in the United States. However, on Friday, a New York civil court convicted its former president, Wayne LaPierre, of mismanagement and corruption, who resigned in January.

Three days before his trial in January, this 74-year-old leader announced his resignation from his position. President of the Association after three decades of heading the organization, which includes five million members and has a very strong influence on members of Congress and on American politics.

And on Friday, Trump said during a fundraising dinner in Minnesota that supporters of the right to bear arms should vote. To the Republicans because “The Democrats want to take away their guns, and they will deprive them of them.”

He added, “That is why I will give a speech to the National Rifle Association to say: You have to vote.”

Trump had protested again. Friday at his trial, saying, “What a fraud this whole process is.” He added, “I have been here for nearly four weeks, and we still have a long way to go,” describing his opponent as “a terrible human being.” And “terrible” And other obscene descriptions.

Biden has repeatedly called for the re-imposition of a long-term ban on assault weapons, in addition to other restrictions.

Also, Trump reiterated his theory on Friday in Minnesota. Which has never been proven, and that the 2020 presidential elections, won by his rival Biden, were fraudulent.

Trump said in particular that he is convinced that he won the vote in the state of Minnesota in 2016 and 2020, while the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, won the vote. And then Biden is the one who won it.

For her part, Vice President Kamala Harris said in a statement on Saturday, “President Biden and I will continue to confront the gun lobby to keep Americans safe, while Donald Trump continues to sacrifice the safety of our children and our communities, to meet his interests.” Private».

Last month, the White House launched a campaign against firearm sales at gun shows and on the Internet that evade federal checks for those wishing to purchase, and several Republican-led states have rushed to file lawsuits against them. Presidential action.

Trump is on trial in New York on charges of falsifying 34 accounting documents that were supposedly used to conceal a sum of money paid to cover up a sex scandal during his campaign for the 2016 presidential elections, in which he won over his Democratic rival, Clinton.

As part of this trial, Trump faces the risk of issuing a criminal conviction, the first against a former US president, and theoretically faces imprisonment, which would threaten his campaign.

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