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The Drug Authority: We take into account the social dimension and the appropriate price to continue production

Dr. Yass Rajai, Assistant Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Authority, stated that drug pricing is subject to specific mechanisms, and that each item is priced individually based on a request submitted by the producing company.

Rajaei stressed that the forced pricing policies for pharmaceutical preparations It relies on two basic pillars, which are a fair price to take into account the social dimension of the citizen and the necessity of providing pharmaceutical preparations. The authority works continuously to review prices to ensure their continued availability and control the Egyptian drug market.

He explained that during the previous period, the difficulty of procuring foreign currency had led to Through the producing companies, the import of raw materials and production inputs was affected, which affected the rates of availability of pharmaceutical preparations, adding that production rates have returned to their previous levels during the current period, and many preparations are being released, the non-availability of which is being monitored by the Authority.

The Assistant Chairman of the Medicines Authority appealed to the media not to circulate any news from unauthorized sources, which talk about the rates of moving prices randomly, and stressed that the pricing mechanisms are based on following a specific methodology in reviewing and moving the prices of preparations, taking into account the economic aspect of the continued availability of medicines and the social dimension of the fair price. And the Authority follows up the pharmaceutical industry, starting from providing raw materials and primary production materials, until the trading of preparations in the local market.

He explained that the state supports medicine through its availability in various health insurance systems, and that the Authority places medicines for diseases at the top of its priorities. Chronic diseases for which requests are submitted to review the rates of movement of their prices and their availability in the markets in order to ensure the lives of citizens.

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