Islam Ahmed Zaki: The Administrative Capital is the most beautiful project undertaken by President Sisi

Islam Ahmed Zaki, one of the heroes of “Able to Differ” He excels in bodybuilding and weightlifting, and holds a diploma in psychology in the United States of America. To communicate with him, interview him, and talk to him through the following lines.


First, introduce yourself and your family? 


  My name is Islam Ahmed Zaki, I am 21 years old, and my family consists of my father and mother, and I have an older brother and a younger sister. 


    What sport do you excel at? Why do you practice it? 


  I excel in my sports, bodybuilding and weightlifting, and my trust in God and myself is the reason I practice them, and I did not compare myself to anyone. I was just focusing on my actual goal and achieving it and not wasting time.



    Who chose you to play the game? 


  My mother encouraged me during the biggest crisis in my life, along with all my siblings.


    What is your disability?


An injury that consists of amputation of the right and left feet. 




    Were you born with this disability or was it the result of an accident? 


  It was due to a train accident that resulted in both of my legs being amputated below the knee. 


    How did you overcome the disability and turn it into a motivation and motivation for your excellence? 



I accepted myself as I am and made a firm decision to be an Egyptian champion and a world champion My dream is still on the road to success and struggle. I write my goal every day and read it every day until it is achieved.





  Are you the only one in the family who is "differently capable"? 


  Yes, I am the only one in the family. There is no one in the “differently able” category. Other than that, I am very proud of myself and my accomplishments.


    When did you start practicing this sport? 


  I started exercising in 2019.




    What are the most important championships and achievements that you have achieved since playing the game? 


  I hold the African Bodybuilding Championship, the Republic Weightlifting Championship, the Egypt Republic Cup Championship, I hold the Republic Swimming Championship, I hold the Republic Wheelchair Racing Championship, I hold the Republic Arm Wrestling Championship, I hold the first Egyptian University Weightlifting National Team Championship, and I am a certified international fitness coach. And a nutrition coach.



  What are the closest tournaments you are preparing for? 


  My dream that I will achieve is the World Championship..



How do you spend your day? 

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  I get up at dawn, pray, play sports in the morning, go to university, and when I come back, I go to the gym.




  What is the role of family in your life? 


  They are my whole life, my father, my mother and my brothers all support me.



What is your goal in the future? 

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  My goal is to win a world championship to raise the flag of Egypt and honor it.


    What word or request do you want from President Sisi? 


  I want two requests from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The first is prosthetic limbs for sports races so that I can enter international and global championships and win and raise the name and flag of Egypt. The second request is I want a car for people with special needs because I get very tired in transportation while I wear prosthetic limbs. With walking and effort, the amputation hurts me and I am in pain.< /p>





    What do you think of President Sisi’s interest in “Able to Differ”? 


  President Sisi has achieved very many accomplishments that no president in the world has preceded him, and we all pray for him, may God bless him and prolong his life.


    A word you want to say to President Sisi? 


  May God grant you success, President, hero, and we are all always with you and proud of you and your wonderful achievements, and always in progress, and Egypt will be the best country in the whole world, and its people are the most beautiful and the most beautiful people.  


    What do you think of the new administrative capital and holding tournaments there? 


  The most beautiful achievement and the most beautiful project done by the president, a very beautiful place, the supervisor of all of Egypt, and the supervisor of our country’s tourism.


  A final word or message at the end of our dialogue? 


  I thank everyone who stood by me and helped me, and I give them all thanks, appreciation and respect from first to last, and advice to young people: develop yourself and rely on yourself  Do not compare yourself to others and focus on your goal to achieve what you love and do not waste your time.




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