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Orphan’s Day celebration at the Children’s Museum

The Children’s Center for Civilization and Creativity (The Children’s Museum) yesterday, Friday, April 19, 2024, hosted 300 orphan boys and girls at the Orphan’s Day ceremony, which is organized annually by the Banque Misr Foundation for Community Service in cooperation with the Heliopolis Association. The ceremony included artistic performances and various group games for children.


Dr. Nabil Helmy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Heliopolis Association, to which the museum belongs, said that the goal of the celebration is to make orphan children happy, develop their love and loyalty to the homeland, and make them feel that they are the focus of everyone’s attention. The official and societal state institutions, which reinforces the concept of one family and adds positive value to the souls of our children. Dr. Nabil Helmy also confirmed that the children felt a state of happiness during the celebration in which clowns, presenters of artistic performances and interactive games participated, prevailing in an atmosphere of cheer and joy.

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