‘Megalopolis’ Imax Global Release Will Be Limited; Release Date Contingent On U.S. Distribution; Coppola Live Event Planned – Cannes

As Deadline first told you first, Francis Ford Coppola‘s Megalopolis was always destined for an Imax release. Heck, the first screening was shown at Universal Citywalk Imax theater. So, there’s no news in the fact that the $120M dystopian future epic is getting a global Imax release.

The question poised at the Imax Cannes lunch today was whether Coppola’s self-financed passion project would still see the light of day stateside even without a U.S. distributor.

Imax Boss Rich Gelfond said, “One of the things that we pride ourselves on is being filmmaker friendly.”

While saying that the pic was getting a global Imax release, Gelfond specified, “It’ll probably be a limited release rather than on all the screens in the world, it almost certainly won’t be that.”

“We met with him yesterday to discuss the distribution plan and I think we need to wait until he has a domestic distributor. As you know, he has five international distributors. We want to come up with a coordinated global strategy and we have a number of next steps before we do that,” added Gelfond on when the movie would see a theatrical release.

“We have dates with him, but we want to wait until all the distribution is settled down before we discuss,” he continued.

“We also are working on a live event with him; we’re trying to accomplish a live event before Megalopolisso someone interviewing Francis.”

No word on who’s taking Coppola’s Megalopolis stateside. The filmmaker will be selling streaming and TV rights separately, we understand.

Megalopolis will be unveiled to the world tonight in Cannes.

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