128-year-old woman reveals the secret of her longevity

A 128-year-old South African woman has revealed the secret to her longevity. According to her grandmother, milk and spinach helped her live to this age.

Joanna Mazebuco just celebrated her 128th birthday and may have become the world’s oldest living person. According to the woman, she was born on a farm and, despite this, had a happy childhood.

“We had a good life there,” Joanna recalls. “There were no problems.”

The woman lived on a farm, drank a lot of milk and ate spinach in large quantities, which, according to Mazebuko, affected her longevity.

“I’m used to it,” said Joanna, “but I miss the food I grew up with. Now I eat modern food.”

The city authorities in which Joanna lives gave her a new sofa for her birthday, and the management believes that the woman is the oldest living person on earth.

“We should try to get her into the Guinness Book of Records,” the mayor added. “We did a search, we can’t find anyone her age.”

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