Inventing a generator that works on glucose in the blood

Scientists from the Kurchatov Institute have created a permanent source of energy for pacemakers and other types of implants, which generate electricity by processing glucose in the blood.

Specialists of the institute note that the development is compatible with the tissues of the body. The scientists also chose a safe way to introduce the generator into the body through the bloodstream – using a stent.

Pacemakers and nerve stimulators are usually powered by batteries that need to be replaced periodically, requiring surgery each time.

The device developed at the Kurchatov Institute generates energy continuously and does not require replacement, and will be able to extend the operation of these devices without a surgical procedure.

Earlier it was reported that South Korean engineers have invented ultrasonic charging of transplanted organs in the human body. Scientists from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology proposed transmitting energy using an ultrasonic emitter, similar to an ultrasound machine, and receiving it using a friction generator that generates a current under the influence of friction.

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